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25 Killer ZBrush Tutorials for Beginners

ZBrush is a great sculpting software with a lot of amazing features such as dynamesh. I learn ZBrush with some of the best ZBrush tutorials.

With these ZBrush Courses, you can sharpen your ZBrush Skills in less time.

Some tutorials are free and some are paid but don’t worry premium ZBrush courses are also affordable.

Let’s start learning.

Free Zbrush Tutorials

1. Using ZBrush for First Time

This course is designed for beginners. This course contains twelve lessons about different aspects.

After completing the course, you will have a strong knowledge to use ZBrush.

2. Introduction to ZModeler

Pixologic implements the ZModeler in the latest version of ZBrush. With ZModeler, you can do 3d modeling inside ZBrush like any other 3d software.

ZClassroom Workshop shared a detailed guide about ZModeler that you will love it.

3. ZSphere

ZSphere is the easiest way to create a base mesh. You can create any type of basemesh such as human, animal, etc easily with ZSphere.

ZClassroom Workshop shares a complete course about ZSpheres. This course contains everything about ZSphere.

4. Understand UI

ZBrush UI is a little bit complicated for ZBrush beginners because it’s big software and lot of features.

If you want to full use of ZBrush software then you should understand ZBrush UI first.

ZClassroom Workshop shares a detailed video about ZBrush UI.

5. Setup Reference Images

Setting up the reference images in ZBrush is a little bit difficult for first-time users.

You can set up reference images in ZBrush in various ways, you can use Grid, Image plane, spotlight, and see-through mode for reference images.

Pixologic shares a detailed explanation about this topic.

6. Fundamental Anatomy for Sculptors

Most beginners artist made a mistake in sculpting and the mistake is they don’t learn anatomy.

Before sculpting a character, understanding anatomy is essential.

Understanding and practicing anatomy is not a hard thing but you need to have patience while learning anatomy.

In this course, the Instructor will teach you anatomy in a better way and he will also be sculpting male and female physics.

7. Sculpting for Beginners

If you know clay sculpting then you can easily learn sculpting.

But if you try sculpting for the first time, you need to practice a lot to understand and learn sculpting.

FlippedNormal shares a great video tutorial for beginners to learn ZBrush sculpting for beginners.

8. Male Torso Sculpting Tutorial

This is a speed sculpting of the male torso but you can easily understand this tutorial.

Before sculpting you should know about human anatomy. You can easily learn Human Anatomy with some anatomy books.

9. Arm Anatomy Sculpting

In this video tutorial, you will learn arm anatomy sculpting in-depth and easy way.

The instructor explains deltoid, upper arm, and forearm muscles.

The instructor first creates an armed skeleton and converts them into a realistic-looking arm with dynamesh, clay buildup, and some other useful ZBrush tools.

10. Hand Sculpting

Beginners artists made a lot of mistakes in hand sculpting. In this video tutorial, you will learn human hand anatomy and sculpting.

The instructor also tells you common hand sculpting mistakes and how to avoid them. This is a step-by-step hand sculpting tutorial suitable for beginners.

11. Leg Sculpting

In this video tutorial, you will learn leg sculpting. The instructor breaks down the leg anatomy for beginners to understand leg anatomy easily.

The instructor starts with a skeleton and later on convert the leg skeleton to a realistic-looking leg with some useful Ztools.

The instructor talks about the origin, insertion, and muscle translation for 3d artists and sculptors.

12. Foot Sculpting

In this tutorial, you will learn foot sculpting from scratch. The instructor creates feet with fingernails, foot bottom wrinkles in this tutorial.

The instructor also shares some foot sculpting tips that you will love.

13. Skull Anatomy for Artist

Most 3d character artists recommended skull sculpting before sculpting a face because skull sculpting is the best way to understand face anatomy.

Sculpting is very different than 3d modeling, you need a lot of practice to make a perfect sculpted skull.

In this video, you will learn the easy way to sculpt a skull in ZBrush.

Premium ZBrush Course

14. ZBrush Complete Sculpting Bundle

This is a complete sculpting bundle from FlippedNormals.

In this bundled course, you will learn Introduction, Sculpting facial features, male and female face sculpting, concept sculpting, and ZBrush to Modo workflow.

This is a premium course but doesn’t worry about pricing, it’s affordable. If you are serious to learn ZBrush then I recommended buying this course right now.

15. Facial Features Sculpting

If you are not able to sculpt a face then you should sculpt the face parts one by one.

Sculpting the facial features is very complicated for beginners, so the instructor simplified the process for beginners.

In this course, you will learn facial features such as eye, nose, ear, mouth, lips theory, and sculpting.

16. Realistic Male Character Sculpting

male character sculpting for beginners

This is a combined course of modeling and sculpting.

If you failed every time to sculpt a realistic character then this course is for you. This is a step-by-step course from basemesh creation to high poly sculpting character.

This course covers basic modeling techniques, character sculpting, skin detailing, etc.

17. Female Character Creation

female character creation

Female character sculpting is different than male character sculpting.

You need to care about various things when sculpting a female character like smoothing.

After completing course, you will able to create your own female character.

18. Girl and Dog Creation

girl and dog creation in zbrush

This is a great course for intermediate students who want to improve their skills.

This course covers female and dog creation in ZBrush. This is a very great course and very cheap in price. Anyone can buy it.

19. Hair Sculpting

Hair sculpting is complex for many beginners artists. FlippedNormal shares a simplified way to sculpt hair for beginners.

If you want to learn hair sculpting then you should watch this video right now.

20. Game Creature Creation for Beginners

game character creation series

Game Creature Creation is complicated for beginners and it’s very challenging.

If you are a beginner and you want to create your own creature for games then you should try this budget-friendly course.

If you want to create own creature than this course is just for you.

21. Fibermesh

Realistic Hair creation is the most difficult part for character artists. ZBrush has solid tools Fibermesh to create hair easily.

With ZBrush Fibermesh, you can create any type of hair, eyebrow, eyelashes, body hair, beard, etc within a few minutes.

Using Fibermesh is very easy, J Hill shares a great video about Fibermesh that you should watch right now.

22. Retopolgy

Most artists hate retopology because it’s boring but it’s essential.

Retopology takes too much time but doesn’t worry ZBrush has a solid tool ZRemesher for automatic retopology.

it’s an amazing tool for retopology. You can learn more about ZRemesher in this course.

23. UV Mapping

You can create the character UV Mapping in ZBrush within a few minutes with various methods such as polygroup.

With the ZBrush UV Master plugin, you can unwrap your character 3d model quickly and easily. FlippedNormals share a great video about the ZBrush UV Master plugin.

24. Hard Surface Character Sculpting

hard surface character sculpting

You can also create a hard surface character inside ZBrush because of many awesome hard surface sculpting brushes.

This course is made for intermediate students.

In this ZBrush course, you will learn basemesh creation, hard surface sculpting, posing character, etc.

25. ZBrush Tips for Beginners

Creative Bloq shares amazing tips for mastering ZBrush and these solid tips help you speed up your workflow.

If you are a beginner or expert, these tips are essential for you. You can read the tips here and thank me later.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope these ZBrush tutorials help you to learn ZBrush.

Which tutorials help you with ZBrush learning or if I missed any great Zbrush course, let me know in the comment section.

Share your ZBrush journey in the comment section.

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