• Introduction to Substance Painter

    If you want to work faster in Substance Painter then you need to remember some shortcuts.The substance has already shared a detailed shortcut key on his website. It’s hard to remember all the shortcut keys, so you can remember the essential shortcut that you mostly used. You can also edit some shortcut keys. If you accidentally edit a shortcut or wanna reset the shortcut just right-click on it. Check out Shortcut Keys

  • 23 Killer Substance Painter Tutorials That Will Shock You

    Today I share some Substance Painter Tutorials that will speedup your learning. Most tutorials are free. Let’s dive right in. 1. Understand PBR Before learning substance painter, you must know about PBR if you don’t know. Substance Academy shares a great guide to understanding PBR. The first guide contains PBR Theory and the second guide contains PBR Practical. First Guide Contents Light Rays Transparency and Translucency Diffuse and Secular Reflection Color and BRDF Energy conservation Fresnel effect Metal and Non-Metal Linear Space Rendering Key Characteristic of PBR Second guide contents What are PBR and its benefit for Artist Metal/ Roughness Workflow Dielectric F0 Base/Metal/Roughness creation Guideline Secular/Glossiness workflow Resolution and…