PureRef: Essential Software for Artists

PureRef is a must have software for artist to organice reference images in a beter way and it’s completely free.

Today I talk about this free software features and more.

Let’s dive right in.

Usage and Download

It was created by Viktor (Programmer) and Natashca (3D Artist) and it’s use for Reference Boadrd Creation and more.

You can download this free softwae via offical Website

  • Go to PureRef Website
  • Click on Download Button
  • Choose Your Platform
  • Enter 0 in the custom amount section
  • Click on Download

After downloading, double-click on the software icon to install it.

How to use:-

  • Open PureRef app.
  • Open Your Images folder.
  • Drag n Drop images to the software workspace.
  • It automatically organizes your images.
  • You can also drag n drop the folder to software workspace.
  • It smartly organizes your reference images.
  • You can also zoom and rotate images..

Top Features

  • Move/Resize Canvas: You can move the software windows anywhere and scale it according to your need.
  • Zoom Images: You can zoom images by mouse wheel.
  • Focus: you can focus on one image at a time. Just click on the image that you want to focus on and zoom it by mouse wheel.
  • Always on Top: It’s the best feature. Its means, when your working on your favorite 3d modeling programs like Zbrush or Maya, this software always on top.
  • Arrange Image: You can also arrange the image by name or addition.
  • Add Note: You can also add a note to all images.
  • Flip Image: You can also flip images horizontally and vertically.
  • Crop, Delete and Scale: You can also crop, delete and scale images with one click.

Shortcut Keys

It’s great but it’s, even more, better with the shortcut. Here is some most used shortcut:-

  • Always on Top : CTRL + Shift + A
  • Arrange images by Name : CTRL + ALT + N
  • Add Note : CTRL + N
  • Transparent overlay selection : CTRL + Y
  • Flip Image Horizontally : Alt + Shift + H
  • Flip Image Vertically : Alt + Shift + V

Here is a list of complete shortcut keys.

How I use

I use a minimum of 15 to 20 reference images when I am working on any 3d modeling project.

For Example, when I am working on any weapon modeling project,

I organize my images to weapon and their part as separate to optimize my workflow and I organize Reference in Gun and their part separately.

PureRef Alternative

Kuadro is the best alternative to PureRef. Same as PureRef, Kuadro is free and amazing and it’s available for Windows and Mac. If you want to support Kuadro, simply donate it.

How to Download Kuadro

Go to Cruel Games websites
Click on Download Now button
If you are using Windows, click on download for windows, or if you using Mac, simply click on download for MAC
It’s a simple excitable file, no need to install it.

How to Use Kuadro

Open Kuadro, which minimizes the taskbar notification area.
Right Click on the Kuadro icon, you will see a lot of menus.
Click on add local image and add images from your device.
You can drag n drop to select multiple images
If you select multiple images, arrange them
You can also save your Kudaro file to use them again to save time.
Kuadro Features
Flip Horizontally and Vertically – You can flip images from your desktop.

Rotate – You can also rotate the image right from the desktop.

Zoom In/Out – You can scale your images by the mouse wheel button.

Fit to Window/Fit to Image – If you accidentally zoom your images, you can use these two features to fit your images to the actual size or fit to the window.

Lower / Opacity – You can also lower down the opacity of the image if you need.

Toggle Background Opacity – If you use pureRef, you see a black background. This black background I don’t need.

In Kuadro you can use the toggle background opacity tool to hide the background.

Toggle Background Grayscale – I don’t need this feature. If you need, you can use this feature to toggle your color reference images in Greyscale.

Duplicate – You can also duplicate your reference pic if you need it.

Always on Top – You already know, it’s an essential feature for 3d artists and sculpture.

Minimize/Restore All – You can click on minimize all to Minimize all open images. When you need to restore, you can click on restore all to restore all images.

Lock Images – You can also Lock/ Unlock images if you need them.

Now its Your Turn

Pureref is a free and great software for artist. Which features you like the most of this amazing software, share in the comment section.

PureRef and Kuadro both amazing reference image tools and both are free. I used both depending upon the project.

What you think, what is good for you.

I’d like to hear your opinion.

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