9 Killer Resources for High Quality Pose Reference Photos

Pose Reference is essential to practice figure drawing, sculpting and for more resaon. Only Google Can’t help you.

So without wasting time, let’s explore the resource.

1. Line of Action/ Sketch Daily Reference

Line of action and Sketch Daily Reference both are popular sites among drawing students. Here you can find male and female modelsin various poses.

Poses are good to understand or practice Human Anatomy, drawing, or sculpting.

If you are 3d Character Artists and you are looking for character poses, these model poses are valuable for you.

2. Proko

Proko is a very popular resource for drawing students.

If you are a drawing student then you should join Proko right now to improve your drawing skills.

Proko provides many amazing tools for artists such as male and female art models poses, hand poses, etc.

4. Quickposes

QuickPoses is very different than the line of action and sketch daily reference. Basically, Qucikposes is a tool to find gesture pose quickly.

Here you find high-resolution model photos in various poses. These poses are good to practice drawing, 3d modeling, and sculpting.

5. Pinterest

For artists, Pinterest is a time-saving website to find high-quality reference photos. With Pinterest, you can find every type of image that you can imagine.

Sometimes, you can’t find any specific image with Google Image search. In that case, Pinterest will help you.

6. Get Drawing

Get Drawing is a cool website for drawing students. Here you will find high-quality reference images and tutorials for drawing students.

7. ArtStation

Artstation is made for artists. It’s a very popular platform for 3d artists and sculptors. Mostly famous studios and artists use Artstation to upload and show the artwork.

Artstation is used by mostly 3d artists, concept artists, drawing professionals. All of them use upload high-quality artwork on the artstation.

So there is a high chance to find high-resolution poses for drawing, 3d modeling, and sculpting.

8. Anatomy 360

Anatomy 360 is a premium resource to find high-quality poses. But don’t worry about pricing, here you will find an affordable pose reference pack.

Here you will find male and female pose multi-pack, motion pack, pose tools, etc.

9. Anatomy Books for Artists

Anatomy books are great resources to find pose references. If you don’t know which anatomy book is good. I recommended my favorite anatomy books.

Now, It’s Your Turn

So these are some of the killer resources for pose referenece photos that i use. I want to know which resources you use, let me know in the comment section.

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