Low Poly Modeling: The Definitive Guide

Low Poly Modeling is more demanding because various industries use this techniques. Do you know that Low or Mid poly 3d models sell more at various 3d marketplaces.

Let’s dive right in.

1. The Understanding

In simple term, low polycount is called low poly modeling.Polycount also depends on industries and projects.

For example, Gaming industries use a very low polycount of 1k to 15k whereas advertising, AR/VR industries use more polycount between 15k to 40k.

2. Uses and Workflow

This technique is use in various industries such as Gaming, Visulization, AR/VR etc. Mostly this technique used in Gaming Industries because it’s use less CPU resources and Game engine handle it.

Most artists waste time finding the perfect workflow to create better art in less time. But the fact is, you can’t create better art in less time.

Here is a recommended workflow that you can use.

Low Poly Workflow:-

  1. Blocking–> HighPoly–>Retopology–>UV Mapping–>Texturing–>Render
  2. Low poly–>HighPoly–>UV Mapping–>Texturing–>Render.

3. Tips and Techniques

These tips are perfectly worked for me. So I shared with you after tested.

Time Saving Tips:-

  • Think which part should be modeled, and which part made by texturing apha
  • Think, which part should be seen in camera and which not
  • Use Sculpting and PBR Texturing software
  • Create hole with alpha
  • Make optimized UV Map with proper texel density

4. Reduce Polygon

You can easily reduce polygon from any high poly model with various tools.

I use the Autodesk Maya Reduce polygon tool, please note for 3d character models you need to retopology manually.

  • Open your high-resolution mesh
  • Go to mesh and click on reduce tool
  • A reduced tool dialog box will open
  • Now you can reduce your polygon with percentage, Vertex Limit, or Triangle limit.
  • A always go with percentage.
  • It can reduce your polygon from million to thousands.

5. Basic Low Poly Model Creation

low poly modeling is not hard, you can easily create with practice. If you are a hard surface artist then you should watch this gun modeling tutorial and practice it.

6. Is Low Poly for you

Actually, it depends on you. I already tell enough reason to decide. I will give you an answer in short.

If you want to be work in Gaming, Advertising, AR/VR industries then you should learn low poly modeling from today.

8. Motivation and Learning

Most junior artists feel depressed and need motivation and inspiration from another talented artists.

I have already shared a popular 3d character artist list that will motivate you with amazing art.

If you need more advanced training, you can use some premium resources like Flipped Normals, Gumroad, The Gnomon Workshop, etc.

9. Now, It’s Over to You

I already tell you low poly modeling is demanding, so without wasting time you should learn it now to increase job opportuniy.

If you know any of your artist friend who need this guide, share it.

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