14 Killer Resources for Human Anatomy Reference

Human Anatomy Reference is essential for drawing, 3d modeling, or sculpting.

If you want to understand or practice anatomy then these anatomy resources are valuable for you.

Let’s dive right in.

1. ArtStation

ArtStation is a number one resource for 3d artists. Professional 3d artists use Artstion to share work and inspiration.

Artstation and ArtStation Marketplace both are different. If you need inspiration or reference images, you can use Artstation.

If you need an anatomy 3d model, you can use Artstation Marketplace.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is a very popular image-sharing platform for artists. Most artists use Pinterest to showcase work.

The bad thing, I don’t like about Pinterest, you need to sign up to browse this website. So, if you are not using Pinterest, sign up now, it takes less than thirty seconds.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a very popular image-sharing platform for everyone. Instagram is widely used all over the world.

As you know, Instagram is used by common men, celebrities, models, fitness freaks, etc.

You know that Instagram uses the #hashtag, so you can search with #hashtag in the Instagram search box.

4. Deviant Art

Deviant art is the large art community to find art references. This site is completely different than other anatomy reference websites.

This site is divided into sections. The section names are Deviations, Journals, group, etc.

Here you will find high-quality drawings and real anatomy photos for artists.

5. Line of Action/ Sketch Daily Reference

Actually Line of Action and Sketch Daily Reference both site are made for drawing students where you can model photos in various poses to practice drawing.

So why I mention here, because thess pose reference photos are great to understand or practice anatomy

6. CG Society

CGSociety is a great resource to find inspiration after Artstation. Most artists used this amazing website to share work.

CGSociety is a great resource for drawing students, 3d artists, and sculptors.

7. 3D Total

3D Total is not a reference image website. Actually, they sell ebooks.

Here you will find many great anatomy books for artists. In these books, you will find a lot of references to understand human anatomy easily.

They also offer free sample downloads to know if this book is a good fit or a bad fit for you.

Don’t worry, all books are affordable.

8. Get Drawing

Get Drawing is the website to find high-quality drawing references. This is not a free or premium website.

Actually, this is a freemium website. Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend any single dollar for references images.

They offer ten free photos.

9. ZBrush Central

Zbrush Central is used by mostly character artists and sculptors. Most character artists share Wip, artwork, references here.

Some artists also share anatomy references that they are used while creating characters. So, there is a high chance to find Human and animal anatomy references.

If you are a character artist, you should start using this site from today.

10. 3d Marketplaces

Many 3d Marketplace is available to download or buy Anatomy 3d models.

You can use any 3d marketplace but I recommended CGTrader, Turbosquid, and FlippedNormals for anatomy 3d models.

In FlippedNormals, you can also find anatomy reference packs and tutorials.

11. Proko

Proko is the number one site to learn drawing and find references. It’s very popular among drawing students.

But, it’s a premium website, they don’t offer anything for free. But their study material and resource are amazing.

You can’t find these types of resources anywhere else. If you have a budget, I highly recommend buying Proko tools.

12. Anatomy 360

Anatomy 360 is a great resource to find human anatomy references. To use this site, you need to sign up and verify the email.

Without verification, you aren’t able to download anatomy reference pictures. Don’t worry, verification takes two minutes.

13. Anatomy Books

Do you know that best resources is anatomy books because in these book you can find lot anatomy photos and you can practice anatomy step by step.

But if you don’t know which anatomy books is good for you than you should try my recommended human anatomy books.

Now, It’s Your Turn

I hope with these resources you can find Human Anatomy reference and practice anatomy in a easy way.

You can also share your opinion in the comment box. I’d like to hear from you.

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