11 Killer Resources for Hand Drawing Reference Photos

Today I share some of the best resources to find hand drawing reference photos. Without wasting time, let’s explore the resources.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual image search engine. It’s used to find ideas and inspiration.

It’s considered social media for artists and graphic designers. To use Pinterest, you need to signup.

2. DeviantArt

Deviant Art is the largest art gallery and community for the artist. Like Pinterest, you don’t need to signup on DeviantArt.

People share drawings and real hand pictures on this platform. You can find a lot of high-quality hand drawing reference photos here.

You can add the reference in a group or add to favorite to see it later. I already tell you, it’s a community.

3. Instagram

In today’s life, everyone is a social media addict. If you are an Instagram addict, it’s good for you.

But if you are not using Instagram then you need to signup to search for reference images.

Here you will find real hand photos and drawings.

4/5. Line of Action/Sketch Daily Reference

Line of action and Sketch Daily Reference both are great resources to fing high quality hand drawing reference photos for free.

Here you will find a large amount of hand references to practice drawing, 3d modeling, or sculpting.

6. Artstation

Artstation is the number one resource for an artist to find inspiration and ideas. It’s used mostly by 3D artists and sculptors.

Artist uses Artstation to share his completed work or WIP (work in progress).

The best part?

They upload only high-quality images. So it means, you don’t need to worry about quality. All images are in high resolution. I have already told you, it’s used by 3d artists. 

So when you search hand reference here, You will find hand images and other artwork combined.

If you want to see only hand reference photos then you can use the ArtStation search filter to sort out the result.

7. CGSociety

CGSociety is working the same as ArtStation. It’s an ArtStation alternative.

Here you will find a lot of inspiration and ideas. The biggest drawback is they don’t use too many search filters to sort out the result.

This website uses only three search filters to sort out the result. But don’t worry about quality, here you will find only high-quality images.

8. Character Design Reference

This website is great for character artists. You will find a lot of hand reference photos on this website.

If you are lazy like me or don’t want to spend time finding references all over the internet then this website is for you.

This website is great for the lazy person because you can find a lot of reference images on one single page.

9. Proko

Proko is a great resource to learn drawing. It was created by an artist and teacher named Stan Prokopenko.

He doesn’t bore you like other drawing teachers. He teaches in a fun way. Proko has a small team and every artist have an expert. 

If you want to see his teaching style, you can watch the teaching lesson on his YouTube Channel.

Proko has a good amount of drawing courses for beginners to advanced-level artists.

Whether you want to study Hand Anatomy or practice hand drawing then you will love the hand model pack.

In this pack, you will find more than 1500+hand reference poses.

10. 3d Marketplaces

3D Marketplaces are great to find hand 3d models.

You can use some 3d models websites such as CGTrader, Turbsquid, FlippedNormal, etc to find hand 3d models.

It’s no matter, you are a drawing student, Character Artists, Hand 3d models is best for you to understand and practice hand anatomy.

11. Anatomy Books

Anatomy books are a great way to understand or practice hand anatomy. But most anatomy books are boring for 3d artists.

You don’t need to worry, you should read my favorite anatomy books. These Anatomy books don’t bore you.

Now it’s Your Turn

So I hope you can find hand drawing reference photos with these resoures. If you any other resources that are great, let me know in the comment section.

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