10 Killer Sites for High Quality Face Reference Photos

With Google Search, you can’t find high-quality face references. So, Today I share some of the best resources that you can use to find high-quality reference images.

If you want to learn Face anatomy, practice face drawing, these resources will help you to find the perfect reference images that you are looking for.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a good place to find high-quality reference images. The creative artist was happy to share artwork on Pinterest.

It’s great for anyone who needs face references for drawing, 3d modeling, or sculpting purposes.

You can easily download reference images from Pinterest but for reference only. But you need to signup if you don’t use Pinterest already.

2. Line of Action / Sketch Daily Reference

Line of Action is a pose generator website for drawing students, 3D Modeler, and Sculptors.

It contains a lot of Head expressions reference photos such as angry, happy, shocking, etc.

Sketch Daily Reference is a line of action alternative. Here you can find face expression references in high quality.

3. Anatomy 360

Anatomy 360 is a great website for character artists and animators. Anatomy 360 contains head reference photos, facial expressions.

You can also use these references for animation purposes. I am sure, these facial expression images, you can’t find with Google image search.

All facial express images are in gif, so you can directly save them to your computer.

But you need to sign up with a real email address to see these images. After verifying the email, you can access all images for free.

4. Instagram

Instagram is the highest growing image-sharing platform.

If you looking for man or woman face references for drawing then Instagram is a great choice for you.

Here you will find awesome face drawings, facial expressions, and much more. You just need to search by # hashtags such as #femaleface #maleface or something similar.

Within a few seconds, you will find a lot of face reference images.

You already know that Instagram is used by famous celebrities, so you can easily find celebrity faces with expressions.

5. ArtStation

Artstation is the number resource for finding inspiration. It is used mostly by 3d artists, Concept artists, and Sculptors.

Most artists use Artstation to share work. Artstation supports 4k images too, so here you will find very high-quality reference images.

Here you will find mostly face anatomy , realistic-looking face sculpting, face drawing, etc.

6. Get Drawing

If you are a drawing student, you will love the Get Drawing website. Get drawing offers free drawing clips, icons, drawing tutorials, etc.

Actually, it’s a freemium website, but don’t need to worry about that. For reference, you don’t need to spend any single dollar.

I already told you this website is dedicated only to drawing students. So here you will find many useful drawing references.

You can use these references for personal use only.

7. Deviant Art

Deviant Art is the largest art community and it’s very popular among 3d artists. It’s completely different than Artstation or CG Society.

It’s a great website for finding references. You don’t need to sign up like Pinterest to browse this website.

8. 3D Marketplaces

3D Marketplaces are great resources to find face 3d models.

Don’t worry about pricing, you can find free or cheap 3d face models in various 3d marketplaces.

If you want to learn face topology then you should download the face 3d asset and learn about face topology.

9. Pixabay

Pixabay is a stock image website to download royalty-free photos. Here you will find the natural-looking model faces in high quality.

Pixabay offers free photos, illustrations, music, and video. So, here you can find face illustration and vectors also but mostly images are real model faces.

All real images are captured by High Definition camera, so here you will find extremely high-resolution photos.

10. Anatomy Books

Anatomy books are a great way to understand or practice anatomy.

If you are a drawing student or character artist, you should understand face anatomy before drawing or sculpting a face.

In anatomy books, you will find a lot of face drawing, face expression images.

Now it’s Your Turn

I hope these resources help you to find high resoultion face reference photos for your next project.

I’d want to know which resource you use mostly, let me know in the comment section

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