14 Famous 3D Character Artists That you Should Follow

I share the most famous 3d character artists’ stories, the software they used, Interviews, and more in this article.

These artists are not ranked by skills or artwork. No one can rank the Artists. All artists are unique.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Rafael Grassetti

Rafael Grasetti is a very good artist. When he was a child, he spent weekends drawing, oil, and clay paintings.

Rafael Grassetti is talented since childhood. He started to learn 3d modeling at the age of 14.

He joins some short courses such as CG, Simulation, Sculpture, animation, etc. After schooling, he started learning Graphic design at University.

He also learns 3d modeling at the same time and he developed an impressive portfolio. Because of his awesome portfolio, he gets a job in Biggest Advertising Studio.

Rafael is an extremely talented artist. He received many awards over the years. He worked on many big titles such as Assassins Creed 3, Dragon Age 3, Mass Effect3, etc.

2.Hossein Diba

Hossein Diba is a famous CG Artist. He is talented since childhood. He loves painting since childhood.

He loves to draw on paper and a wall when he was a child. When he sees a “Jurassic Park Saga” movie, he decided to become a 3d modeler.

He has a deep knowledge of human and animal anatomy. He has worked on many projects.

He is designing characters and creatures since 2008. He worked for Games, Cinematic and 3D Prints, etc.

He worked on many different projects such as Royal Rumble 2016, Evolve, Atom Universe, and Fallout New Vegas.

He is also featured on many popular websites such as ArtStation, 3DTotal, Pixolozic name a few.

3. Magdalena Dadela

Magdalena Dadela was also known as an Intervain on Social Media and 3D forums. She is the best 3d artist.

When she watches a “Finding Namo” Animation Adventure series, she decided to leave academia and pursue a carrier in the VFX and 3d Animation industry.

She joins a one-year course at Vancouver Flim School. She creates many awesome characters. She is worked on many popular games as a character modeler.

She is featured on many popular websites such as Pixologic, Zbrushcentralforum, Substance Academy.

4. Hadi Karimi

Hadi Karimi started her carrier as a Digital Painter (2d artist). After ten years, he decided to work in 3d industry.

So now he is a freelance character artist. I found this awesome artist when he uploads a Marilyn Monroe Artwork on ArtStation.

I just love this artwork and I am curious to know more about him. So I read his interview published on the 3D Total website.

5. Abdelrahman Kubisi Younis

Abdelrahman Kubishi Younis was a senior CGI Artist. He uses Cubishi Art instead of using the real name on social media and portfolio websites.

He created many awesome realistic-looking characters that you will love. He worked in DNEG, Framestore, MPC, and Prime 1 studio.

6. Frank Tzeng

When Frank Tzeng was a college student in Taiwan, he got a chance to go to the Art center for his sister’s graduation portfolio.

Here he sees amazing 3d works from students and he decided to work in the 3d industry.

When he decided to learn 3d, he leaves Taiwan and moved to Amerika. After entering Amerika, he joins the language school to learn English and also join an Art School to learn 3d.

He is worked on Many AAA games. He creates many impressive character artwork that blows your mind.

He is featured on many popular websites and magazines such as ArtStation, 3D Total, Zbrush Central forum.

He is worked on many popular 3d studios such as Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC, Ember Lab, Giessdorf, Naughty dog, etc.

7. Sefki Ibrahim

Sefki Ibrahim is a graduate of Mathematics, After completing graduation, he was confused about his carrier.

He thinks to go into banking but he also thinking of some creative carrier because he loves drawing.

His family friend gives some popular 3d software to him to try out. After trying the 3d software, he decided to learn 3d Art.

After deciding to learn 3d, he watches a YouTube tutorial to learn 3d art. Later on, he bought a Frank Tzeng likeness sculpting course on GumRoad.

He also gets admission to Kingston University London to study 3d Animation. After years of learning with the help of various courses, he can create an extremely realistic character.

He is an amazing character artist. His artwork blows your mind and inspires you to make a better character Artist.

If you are active on 3d artist community, you will see Jackie Chan’s artwork on a popular CG website and Group.

This Jackie chan Artwork is created by him.

8. Sanhanat Suwanwised

Sanhanat Suwanwised is a freelance character artist and he published a Vampire artwork. After I see this Amazing Vampire Artwork, I have no words.

When you see this artwork, you will also be speechless, I guarantee. His other artwork is also great but this vampire artwork is just amazing.

He is also featured on the Zbrush Central Forum front top row.

9. Olya Anufrieva

Olya Anufrieva is an extremely talented artist. She creates a different type of character.

She has received three Artstation awards. Only a few artists receive the Artstation award.

She is also featured on the Zbrush Central Forum front row.

10. Michael Pavlovich

Michael Pavlovich is a multi-talented artist.

Most character artists focus only on character modeling but they do character modeling, hard surface modeling, weapon and props design, Vehicle modeling, etc.

He worked on many big studios such as Sony Online Entertainment.

11. Elina Karimova

Elina Karimova studied architecture and learn some courses on 3d, Architecture in collage days.

She is inspired by Digital Sculptor James W Cane. She learns sculpting with YouTube tutorials.

She mostly watched speed sculpt tutorials to learn. She tries to learn Zbrush in 2014 but she failed.

After one year, She tries to again learn Zbrush with more energy, and this time, she is a success.

She is a Russian Artist. She has been also worked at Plarium as a Senior Character Artist from October 2016 to 2020.

She has been featured on Zbrush Central Forum and 80lv. Her portfolio is really impressive.

12. Yuditya Afandi

Yuditya Afandi is a very talented Artist. He creates beautiful and realistic characters.

Some time ago, he upload a beautiful 3d female model and he names the artwork “The Forced Mistress“. This Artwork is really impressive.

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