Hard Surface Tutorials

  • hard surface character sculpting

    Hard Surface Character Creation

    Hard Surface Character Creation can be done using the 3D software. Here we are going to learn hard surface character creation using 3ds Max and Blender step by step. Hard Surface Character Creation in 3ds Max In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a hard surface character in 3ds Max. 1. To get started, create a new 3ds Max file and switch to the Front viewport. 2. Next, create a simple polygon cube and position it in the center of the viewport. 3. With the cube selected, go to the Modify panel and change the Height to 10, Width to 10 and Depth to 10. 4. Next, select…

  • hard surface modeling tutorials

    Hard Surface Modeling

    Hard surface modeling is the process of creating 3D models of objects with hard, angular surfaces. This type of modeling is often used for objects that are made from metal, plastic, or other man-made materials. The main challenge with hard surface modeling is creating accurate, clean meshes that are easy to animate and render. This can be a difficult task, especially for complex objects with lots of small details. There are a number of software programs and tools that can help make the process easier, including 3D modeling tools, sculpting tools, and mesh editing tools. There are a few different ways to approach hard surface modeling. One is to use…

  • fundamentals of anatomy for sculptors

    Fundamental Anatomy for Sculptors

    A successful figurative sculptor is the one who have a fundamental knowledge of anatomy for sculptors. Anatomy refers to the skeleton, muscles, and skin and fat. These are collectively known as surface anatomy. There are entire topics written on this subject, so a comprehensive discourse is beyond the scope of this topic.

  • Lantern Modeling for Games [Step by Step]

    Lantern modeling for games is a best practice for hard surface artist. But Why lantern modeling is best for learning Game assets because lantern is made with dirty and rusty materials. If you make a lantern then you can learn About Hard Surface modeling, glass Reflection, Refraction, IOR, dirt, and scratch texture. So without wasting time let’s start the tutorials. Step #1: Find high quality reference images Reference is the most important thing before starting any 3D Modeling Project. You can find reference images through Google Image Search, Free Stock Website, CG art websites, etc. I find the old and New Lantern reference from these websites. After finding the reference. You can organize your reference images with PureRef. So, after finding the great high-quality reference…

  • Gun Modeling for Games [Step by Step Tutorial]

    Today I gonna share step-by-step gun modeling for games tutorials to make your own gun. After following this tutorial, you can make any 3d weapon model. Let’s dive right in. Step #1: Get Recommend Software PureRef:  Pureref is a great software to organize your reference image uniquely. It has great features such as always on top and many other useful features. Want to Know the Best Part? It’s free. Autodesk 3DS Max/ Maya: You can use your favorite 3d modeling software. I used my favorite 3d software Autodesk Maya for this Project. Nightshade UV Editor:- It’s a great UV Editor script for Maya. It’s easy to install. If you are using…