Blender vs Cinema 4d – Which One You Should Learn In 2022

Blender 3d and Cinema 4d both are great software and used by professionals. Both software is beginner-friendly.

Blender is known as free and open-source 3d modeling software whereas Cinema 4d is known for award-winning motion graphic software.

So, today I share some differences between Blender and Cinema 4d that will help you to choose the right 3d modeling software according to your project requirements.

Let’s Compare.

1. 3d Modeling Tools

Blender is free software and Cinema 4d is premium software. Blender has great modeling tools whereas Cinema 4d has award-winning motion graphic tools.

Blender is used by small studios, startups, freelancers whereas Cinema 4d is used by big studios.

Blender has many awesome 3d modeling tools which are great for modeling complex shapes easier.

The blender modifier is my favorite weapon. Cinema 4d best modeling features are polygonal, volume, parametric, poly pen, and polygon reduction.

2. 3d Sculpting Tools

Blender has twenty + sculpting brushes and it has a dedicated workspace for sculpting.

The best blender sculpting features are Multi-Resolution sculpting, dynamic topology sculpting, mirrored sculpting, and masking.

Cinema 4d has flexible and professional sculpting tools. The best Cinema 4d sculpting features are mirroring, masking, mesh projection, and baking.

Blender is a little bit better than cinema 4d in sculpting.

3. Motion Graphic

Blender has basic motion graphic features whereas Cinema 4d is the king of motion graphics.

Cinema 4d has been used mostly for motion graphic purposes. Cinema 4d has an award-winning MOGRPAH that will help you to create complex and abstract animation easily.

The most powerful Cinema 4d motion graphic features are non-destructive destruction and pumpkin fracture.

So it’s clear that Blender is not good for motion graphics.

4. Rigging and Animation

Blender 3d and Cinema 4d both have great rigging and animation tools and features. You can take a look at both software rigging and animation features.

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Blender Rigging and Animation Features

  • Envelope, Skelton, and automatic skinning
  • Weight painting and Mirror functionality
  • Bone layer and color groups
  • B- Spines
  • Constraint, drivers, and shape keys
  • Motion path
  • Character animation pose editor
  • Non-Linear Animation
  • Sound synchronization

Cinema 4d Rigging and Animation Features

  • Rigging Preset and Motion path
  • Motion library with mocap data
  • Character object preset
  • Body motion capture
  • Capture with iPhone and iPad
  • Procedural animation
  • Pose morph and interaction tag

5. VFX / Tracking

Maxon Cinema 4d and Blender both are not good for VFX. You can create a basic VFX scene with Blender or Cinema 4d. Both software has basic tracking features.

Blender VFX Features

  • Huge library for creating FX, Color grading, and more
  • Render layer support
  • Multi-threaded
  • Automatic and manual tracking
  • Camera reconstruction
  • Real-time preview
  • Planner tracking and tripod solvers

Cinema 4d VFX Features

  • Scene reconstruction
  • Camera and object tracking
  • Camera calibrator

6. 3d Rendering

Blender and Cinema 4d both use great rendering engines. Blender use two render engine, EVEEE and cycle render engine.

The cycle renders engine is a ray-trace-based render engine whereas EVEEE is a real-time rendering engine.

Cinema 4d used a Redshift render engine that is awesome.

Blender default rendering features

  • Multicore CPU rendering
  • GPU rendering and Multi-GPU support
  • Unified rendering kernel for CPU and GPU

Cinema 4d also has amazing rendering features such as a magic bullet look, network rendering system, etc.

Cinema 4D rendering features

  • 200 + preset
  • Photo Realistic and Non Photo realistic rendering
  • Stereoscope rendering
  • Material replacement
  • Network rendering

7. Blender vs Cinema 4d Lite

Cinema 4d Lite is affordable software but limited in features.

On the other side, Blender is completely free. If you don’t have the budget to purchase Cinema 4d, you can use Blender.

Now It’s Over to You

Blender is famous for free 3d modeling software whereas Cinema 4D is famous for award-winning motion graphic features.

Which one you should choose, share your opinion in the comment section.

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