11 Best CAD Software That You Should Know About

Today I share some of the best CAD Softwares. These types of software used for drafting, Machine part modeling, etc.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Fusion 360

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is mechanical software that you can use for complex part modeling. Modeling the machine parts is very difficult in other software such as Max or Maya.

If you are an engineer, you can Fusion 360


  • PCB Design Integration
  • Manufacturing method
  • Cloud simulation
  • Non-linear stress

2. On Shape


OnShape is a tool to create and design products.

You can create drawings of complex objects easily in On Shape. In Short, it’s a Data Management, Product Design, and collaboration software.


  • Support live chat
  • Complex part and drawing easily
  • Data management and assembly

3. Rhinoceros


Rhinoceros is 3d graphic software that you can use to create any 3d shapes using the Nurbs modeling method.

This software uses Nurbs modeling techniques mostly. You can use this software to create, edit, analyze documents, etc.


  • Accurate design
  • Lightweight 3d Software
  • No Graphic card needed
  • Construction aids and Fabrications



CREO is a cad software for faster design of your product with solid tools.

It has powerful features such as generated designs, simulation, additive manufacturing, etc.


  • Real-time simulation
  • Find hard edge easily
  • Iterate faster

5. AutoCAD

autodesk autocad

Autocad is the best CAD software that is used for 2d and 3d drawing.

It is widely used in the Architecture industry. Architecture, Engineers, and construction professionals use this software to create drawing in 2d and 3d.


  • 2d drawing, drafting, and annotation
  • 3d modeling and visualization
  • Collaboration

6. Revit

autodesk revit

Revit is a BIM software for a higher quality coordinated design. In Revit, you can create an Exterior design easy with powerful tools

In short, you can use 3DS Max for Interior and use Revit for Exterior design.


  • Generative design
  • Parametric component
  • Architecture design
  • Structural engineering and fabrication

7. TinkerCAD

Autodesk Thinkercad

Tinker cad is fast and easy software to draw a design. A kid also easily draws a 3d design using thinker cad.

It used by kids, hobbyists mostly. This application features are Move, scale, and rotate objects easily.


  • Easiest 3d modeling software
  • shortcut ready

8. Solid Works

Solid Works is the trusted and industry-standard software in the design and engineering field.

It helps you to design your next awesome project.

with this software, you can conceptualize, create and transform your idea into a solid product design.


  • Complex part drawing easily
  • Fast and accurate
  • Cost estimation tools

9. OpenSCAD


OpenSCAD is free cad software and its available for Windows, MAC, and Linux.

It provides two modeling techniques: constructive solid geometry and 2D outline extrusion.

10. BlocksCAD


BlocksCAD is free browser-based CAD software and it’s a very basic user-friendly software.

You can use this software to model basic 3d shapes. You can also improve your math and science skill using this free software.


  • A very lightweight and browser-based tool
  • Easy to use

11. Leo CAD


LeoCAD is free and open-source CAD software that is optimized for large models.

It’s available for Windows, MAC, and Linux.


  • Free and open source
  • Huge library of different parts

12. SelfCAD


It’a freemium software, In the free version, lot of limitations, but don’t worry.

The paid version of SelfCad is within your budget. The paid version is only for 14.99$/Month.

You can also buy a perpetual license which costs 500$ one-time payment.


  • Shapes Generator
  • Gear Generator
  • 3d Printing

Now, It’s Over to You

So, I share some of the best CAD Software than you can use. It your choice, you can go for free or paid option.

If you have any doubt or suggestion, let me know in the comment section

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