Autodesk Maya Tutorials

Maya tutorial will guide you for a complete 3d modeling for beginners, Maya is very difficult to learn because it is a cyclopean program, we can do anything with 3d package in Maya it is the reason we call it a powerful application, while we work on a long term we can learn a lot of new tricks and ideas in Maya.

In Maya tutorials we can learn 3d animation and model, texturing and lighting, some of the rendering techniques like photorealistic and much more from the experienced faculties, it will take 30 days to 1 year to learn and some people will learn up to 3 years to get perfection in animation, we can learn Maya threw online tutorial easily.

Why Do We Need to Learn Maya?

Maya is one of the leading 3d software applications developed by Autodesk and people who are highly interested to create animation videos, television programs, and video games can learn this software.

Nowadays in every industry visual effects play a vital role, in visual effects 3d modeling and animation are on high demand in film and video production, so people who are having creative thoughts can learn.

People who are well and good in Maya can demand more than any other multimedia course, not only animation even with designing we can earn good profit.

Applications of Maya

Maya is a 3d graphic application software which is developed by Autodesk which runs with windows, Mac and Linux, it is used to create interactive 3D applications, in the earlier days, it was developed by Alias Systems corporation later it owned by Autodesk.

Application of Maya as follows:

3D Games
Animation movie production
Designing (construction and articulator)


As Maya is designed to create 3D models and animations for that we need high system requirements.

Ram must be 8 GB, 16 GB or more recommended.
Disk space must be 4 GB free space for installation.
Multicore processor with 64 bit Intel with SSE4.2 instruction set.
The video card (GPU) is highly recommended.
If you’re willing to use in the laptop there are some specified gaming laptops
MSI GP63 Leopard 15.
GIGABYTE Aero 15Samsung odyssey 15.
MSI GE73R Raider 17.
Dell Alienware 17.
Apple MacBook pro.

Target Audience

Maya is one of the effective 3D software, so companies which are into visual effects, 3D modeling and animation will be the major audience for this application, now-a-days movie production mostly depends on visual effects so most of the movie and television production houses are using Maya for their companies and also most of the construction companies are using Maya for interior designing.

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