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3 Easy to Understand Anatomy Books for Artists

Theres is a lot of anatomy books for artists avaibale in the marketplaces but few of them are easily understand by an artists.

Artist has a diffrent learning method than a medical student and I found these three books are perfect of any artist who want to learn anatomy seriously.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Anatomy for Sculptors

anatomy 4 sculptors book

Anatomy for Sculptors book is my favorite because this anatomy book is great to understand anatomy for beginner artists.

Skull sculpting is very hard, and this book will provide you the easiest way to sculpting a skull.

If you want to be a better character artist, and you are failed every time to sculpt a realistic character.

This book is a lifesaver for you. Understanding Human Anatomy is very boring, especially for artists. But don’t worry, this book does not bore you.

In short, after reading and understanding this book, you will be the master of anatomy. This book is available in pdf and paperback format.

What inside the books

  • Model photos in various angles
  • body posture
  • color coded muscle diagram
  • Human body reference from head to toe

2. Head and Neck Anatomy Book

form of the head and neck

Form of the Head and Neck Anatomy book is another masterpiece by the same author.

Head modeling is very hard for every character artist. The most artist is not able to create realistic faces after a lot of practice.

But why, because they do not understand anatomy. Most professional character artists say that, before creating the character, understand human anatomy.

With this book, you can easily artistically understand Head and neck anatomy.

What inside the Book

  • Face muscle
  • All type of face reference photos such as male and female, young and old etc.

3. Anatomy of Facial Expression

facial expression anatomy

Anatomy of Facial Expression is a great book to understand face expression anatomy.

This anatomy guide is great for sculpting or drawing realistic portraits. Because with this book you can understand facial expressions easily.

This book is great to understand facial expression because this book provides you lot of facial expression images such as angry, sad, shocking faces, etc.

What inside the book

  • Facial muscle anatomy
  • Gender, age and ethnicity diffrence
  • Face and skull topography.

Now it’s Your Turn

These three anatomy books for artist is great to understand human anatomy faster and easily. You can share your favourite anatomy book in the comment section.

I’d like to hear from you.

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