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20 Killers Sites to Buy and Sell 3D Models Online

As a 3d Artists, you need to buy 3d models for the project. Some artists need a platform, where they can sell 3d models at a good price.

So, today I share some of the best 3d marketplaces for you.

Let’s dive right in.

1. CGTrader


CGTrader is a store with more than 1 million 3d assets where you can buy and sell 3d models.

It’s a recommended CG Marketplace for many reasons: high royalty rate, reputation management system, and search filters.

Here you can find free and professional 3d models that are budget-friendly. If you are a learner, you can download these types of 3d models, it helps you in faster learning.

If you don’t find what you looking for, you can post your custom project, and hire an amazing 3d artist right now from CGTrader.

If you are not in hurry, wait for the occasion because CGTrader gives a discount coupon on every occasion.

If you want to know best selling 3d models category, you should check out this cool Infographic by CGTrader.

2. ArtStation

artstation marketplace

ArtStation Marketplace is full of talented artists. Here you will find amazing 3d tools, 3D Models, Scripts at affordable pricing.

The best part?

Powerful Search filters. You can filter the search result by Software, License, Category, and pricing.

Want to sharpen your 3d modeling skills, use ArtStation Tutorials.

3. TurboSquid

turbosquid| turbosquid marketplace

TurboSquid is a very big 3d model store where you can find all types of 3d assets.

It has a vast library of free and premium 3d models. If you buy or download 3d assets from any marketplace and you received a 3d model with errors.

Now you need to invest time to fix 3d model errors. So, if you want an error-free 3d model, you can buy a checkmate-certified 3d model because these 3d assets are verified with the Turbosquid team manually.

If you are not satisfied with the 3d model that your purchase. Don’t worry, They give your money back or store credit.

You can use Score Credit to download another 3d model.

4. Cubebrush

cubebrush | cubebrush MArketplace

CubeBrush is the first place where you can find all CG things in one place. You can find 3d models in popular formats such as Fbx, Obj, Stl, etc.

The Best part?

CubeBrush offers a freebie each week. It’s a great place for 3d Character Artists and sculptures.

5. 3D Export

3d export | 3d export Marketplace

3D Export is another cool CG Marketplace with free and premium 3d models. Sometimes you buy 3d asset but you don’t like it and you have no option.

But 3D Export gives you a money-back guarantee. If you contact the 3d Export Team within 24 hrs after the purchase they will refund all of your money.

6. Flipped Normals

flipped normals| flipped normals Marketplace

FlippedNormals is a great 3d Marketplace where you can find a lot of amazing 3d models and tutorials.

Here you will all type of high-quality 3d models such as print-ready, game-ready, low poly, etc.

Here you will also find scripts, brushes, texture, and many more. Want to know the best part?

They don’t accept any low-quality 3d assets, so here you will find only high-quality 3d models is a budget price

You can also sell 3d models but make sure your 3d models are high-quality because they don’t accept crappy 3d assets.

7. Unity Asset Store

unity asset store | unity asset store MArketplace|

Unity Asset Store is a marketplace for unity lovers. You will find everything that you need for your next gaming project.

Unity Marketplaces is the number one resource to download free 3d assets for unity. The entire 3d model library is optimized for a unity game engine.

Price is high but the 3d model is perfect for unity without any single error. If you have a budget problem, you can also download free 3d models for games.

8. UE Marketplace

UE Marketplace

If you use Unreal Engine, you will love UE Marketplace. Here you will find a 3d model that is optimized for UE.

You can also sort out 3d models using a filter such as a discount, pricing, engine version, etc.

Quality always comes with money, so pricing is high on high-quality 3d models.

9. GameDevMarket

game dev market

GameDeveMarket is founded in 2014 for Indie Game Developers. It’s maintained by a small team of Game Developers.

Here you will find free and premium 3d assets for games, Hud, Music, fonts, background, etc.

The best part?

Pricing is very low and it’s completely affordable for anyone.

10. Blender Market

blender market

Blender Market is built by CGCookie. CGCookie is famous for Blender tutorials. Blender Market is recommended site for blender fans.

If You are a Blender fan, you will love this marketplace. They do not offer any free download,

But in a few bucks, you can buy an amazing 3d model.

11. Sketchfeb Store

sketchfeb store | sketchfeb store marketplace

Sketchfeb Store is the best Marketplace. Because here, you can inspect any 3d model, Material, Texture before buying.

You can watch 3d models online before buying, it’s the best feature of the SketchFeb store.

Want to know the best part?

Here you find only high-quality 3d assets because each 3D Asset is manually verified by Sketchfeb Team.

You can also download royalty-free 3d models for games or VFX.

Want to know the best part?

If you want to sell your creation on Sketchfeb, Make sure your 3d model follows the industry standard.

12. 3D Ocean

3d ocean | 3d ocean marketplace

3D Ocean is the property of Envato marketplace. Envato is a trusted website to buy creative assets.

3d Oceans contains a lot of amazing 3d assets that you can buy for your next project.

At 3D Ocean, you find 3d model, 3d building model, game-ready asset, concept, CG Texture, tutorials, etc.

They offer a free download each month.

13. Hum3D

hum3d marketplace

Hum 3D is more than a CG Marketplace. They focus more on vehicle and their parts. You will find many popular vehicle brands here. They focus on quality over quantity.

Everyone loves a discount, So if you buy more than one 3d model they give you a 30% discount or more.

If you love the quality of hum3d work but you don’t find the 3d model that you are looking for.

You can buy custom 3D Modeling services. Want to know the best part? They give you credit when you buy a 3d model.

These credits you can use to buy another 3d asset.

14. Free3D

free 3d marketplace

It’s a free 3d Library to download free 3d models in various formats such as FBX, OBJ, etc.

Like other Marketplaces, they offer a variety of 3d models for free. You can sort out the result by Software, Format, or Category.

15. Highend3d

highend 3d marketplace

Highend3D is a very good website for CG artists. Here you will find a lot of free resources like 3d models, texture, scripts, etc.

Professional artists use some scripts to speed up workflow. In short, you can quickly do complex modeling with scripts.

Not only scripts, but you can also find plugins for your favorite 3d Modeling Software.

16. Gumroad

Gumroad is a 3d marketplace for artists with amazing features. The Best part?

You can pay less or more than the actual price of a 3d model. If you are a seller, you can offer a discount to your loyal customer by providing a discount code at any time.

If you want to rent instead of buy, you can talk to the seller directly in gumroad.

17.3D People Shop

3d people shop

It’s a 3d model shop. Here you will find extremely realistic, Posed, Rigged, and Animated 3d models.

They offer free downloads also. You can download some realistic character for free and see the quality before buying premium 3d characters.

They will also give your reward point on the free download that you can use on the Rebus Render Farm service.

18. Human Alloy

human alloy | human alloy marketplace

Human Alloy is a great website for character artists. Here you will find a realistic-looking characters free in various formats such as obj, fbx.

Do you want posed characters, you can buy it from here. And one thing, Hair is the most complex part for a character artist.

Here you will find extremely realistic hair.

19. Design Connected

design connected marketplace

Design Connected is the best marketplace for interior designers.

Here you will find a beautiful 3d furniture object that you can use in your interior design project.

If you are not sure about the quality, you can download a free sample before purchasing any premium 3d model.

You can also send a custom file format conversation request and they will complete your request shortly.

20. BlenderKit

blender market

BlenderKit is only for Blender Users. It’s great because you don’t need to download any 3d model.

With only 5$/ Month, you can access the Full Blender Kit Database. It’s really surprising, you just need to Install the Blender Kit addon,

Now it’s your turn

So, This is the best 3d marketplace for buying and selling 3d models.

Which 3d asset marketplace you should use, let me know in the comment section.

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