3d modeling

3D modeling

If you don’t have a budget to buy expensive software, you can try some free 3d modeling software.

Mostly free software is worst but some free software is very good and industry-standard too.

Let’s start.

Free 3D Modeling Software


Blender is a free and open-source 3d modeling software for beginners.

It’s great software for hobbyists.

Blender is now an industry-standard 3d software because many startups, small studios use Blender as the main 3d software.

Blender has great 3d modeling and sculpting tools but It’s mostly used for 3d modeling purposes.

It also has great motion graphic features but they are limited compared to Cinema4d.

If you are looking for free 3d modeling software for commercial and personal use then Blender is for you.

Here is a complee comparision of Blender and Cinema 4D.


  • Huge list of modifiers
  • Seamless sculpting
  • Story art and drawing

Daz Studio

Daz Studio is completely free software. It’s 3d figure customization and posing software.

If you love to create art just for fun or a hobby, you can use this software. For professional work, use Maya or something. Daz 3d is addictive software.

You can easily create an amazing 3d scene in Daz studio because you can find many ready-made 3d models here.


  • Huge 3d modeling asset library
  • Rendering preset
  • Pose and modify


Sketchup is a web-based 3d modeling software and you can use this software free for personal use.

For the desktop version, you need to pay some dollars, It’s a great software to visualize design.

You can also customize the 3d space in Sketchup.


  • Web-based 3d modeler
  • Mobile model viewer
  • Pre-built 3d models
  • Unlimited cloud render


Hexagon is free 3d modeling software by daz3d. If you are a Daz user, you can download hexagon using a Daz 3d studio account.

If you are not using Daz 3d, you can sign up to download this free software. It’s great software to know the basics of 3d modeling.


  • Sculpted primitives
  • freehand modeling brushes


Wings3d is a free and open-source 3d modeling software like blender. It supports 3d modeling, light, material and UV Mapping, etc.

But it does not support animation.


  • Tweak mode
  • Auto UV Mapping


Vectary is a free online 3d modeling software and you don’t need to download anything.

You can just visit the Vectary website and start creating. It’s free for twenty-five projects.

For more projects, you need to buy paid plans.


  • Browser-based software
  • Free 3d asset library
  • Project sharing

3D Slash

3D Slash is a browser-based application and it’s beginner-friendly.

You don’t need a high configuration PC to use this software and its runs without a graphic card.


  • Easy and Lightweight
  • Don’t need to install


SkyCiv is a structural analysis and design software. With SkyCiv, you can design and analyze your structure online.

It has very powerful analysis features and it’s easy to use.


  • Powerful analysis
  • Fast and easy


Livehome3d is a free house design software. You can use this software to create interior and exterior easily.

Now, you can design your room free and easily. It’s available for Windows, MAC, and Linux.


  • Arrange furniture easily
  • Drag n Drop
  • Split mode
  • Material editing and curtain wall creation

Mandelbulb 3D

Mandelbulb 3d is the free tool to draw three-dimensional fractal objects.

You can draw the most complicated shape easily using this software.

It works only on Windows.


  • Huge library of 3d patterns
  • Draw complicated shapes easily


Dust3d is free and open software and it’s available for Windows, MAC, and Linux.

You can create a complicated model easily with Dust3d.


  • Easy cloth simulation
  • Free and open source
  • Faster 3d modeling

Rocket 3F

Rocket 3F is lesser-known but very good 3d modeling software.

It has also very awesome features that you found on the free 3d modeling software.


  • Push and pull
  • draw mesh tool
  • pattern selection and quick render

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