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22 Killer Resources to find 3d Modeling Reference Images

Finding 3d modeling reference images is essential while working on any 3d project. Mostly junior artist waste som much time on google for references because they dont know the better resources.

Today I share some best resources that saves your time. Let’ expolore.

1. ArtStation


ArtStation is the best place for 3D modelers and Concept artists.

It’s a great website to find high-quality reference images for creative artists such as Character, Weapon or Props, Environment artists, etc.

Do you want to know the best part?

The best part is, concept artist also share their artwork on this platform. So, you can easily find high-quality reference images for your next 3d Modeling Project.

2. CG Society


I recommend CGSociety after ArtStation.

Here you will find amazing artwork, concept art, drawings in high resolution. Whenever I search for reference images on CGSociety, I use some filters.

I choose PhotoShop under Any Software Section, 2D under Any Artwork Type, Concept art under the Geere section tab.

If you are not able to find the perfect reference photo that you are looking for, you can clear all filters and try again.

3. DeviantArt


DeviantArt is another cool place to find high-quality reference photos for artists.

It’s completely different than ArtStation and CGSociety. They use a Sub-section, so you can sort out the result by clicking on the subsection.

You can also follow the related group for future use.

4. Concept Art Empire

Concept Art Empire shares an AXE concept gallery for artists.

In this gallery, you will find amazing Axe references for your next weapon modeling project.

5. Drawing Database

drawing database

Drawing database is a recommended website to find accurate blueprints for 3d modeling.

You can find a lot of drawing photos on this website. Here you will see many amazing drawings photos of weapons, cars, bikes, etc. All drawings are very well designed.

Want to know the best part?

You will find accurate blueprints.

6. CGFrog


One day, I look for “car reference” in google image search but I don’t find any good photos.

So I try the web search “car blueprint” and after a lot of searching, I found the CG Frog article.

This article contains a lot of high-quality car blueprints that you can’t find on another website.

7. 3D Total

If you are a character artist then you must check 3d total website. You will not find any reference images on the 3D Total website.

They sell Ebook for Sculpting artists. In their book, you will find a lot of great character references to understand anatomy in a better and easy way.

8. ZBRUSH Central

zbrush central|

It’s a great site for sculpting artists. Many professional Zbrush artists share work on this website.

They also posted a complete process on how to build the amazing artwork within ZBrush.

So, You will also find High Res Artwork that you can use for reference images. If you are Character Artist, you should check ZBrush Central right now.

9. Concept Art World

Want to see a Hollywood film or AAA Game Concept Art then Concept Art World is a great choice.

You will find many famous Hollywood movies and AAA Games concept art in High Resolution.

You will find concept art with the Artist’s name or studio name. They divided the concept artwork with the Artist Name and Studio section.

10. Pinterest Photos


Pinterest is an image search engine website because here you will find every type of reference image.

You can also use an Image tag to find more related images.

11. Instagram


Instagram is an image-sharing website used by Many awesome artists. Most artists use Instagram to showcase portfolios.

Some artist does not use ArtStation to upload their artwork.

So if you did not find any great reference images for your next awesome project then you must check on Instagram.

12. Line of Action

Line of Action and Sketch Daily Reference both are great site to find various models in different poses and more.

Both sites are popular among drawing students, you can find male and female models in various poses.

13. Sketch Daily Reference

sketch daily reference

Sketch Daily reference is known for the person drawing reference websites and free pose reference websites.

Sketch Daily Reference is a great website to find high-quality male and female drawing pose references.

Here you will find the full-body, male reference drawing, female reference drawing, model drawing reference, model reference poses, body parts such as hand, foot references photos for free.

You can also found nude reference photos for drawing.

14. Facebook Group

Facebook is a very popular social media platform. Most artists share their work in various Facebook groups.

You can join a related Facebook Group.

For Example, if you are looking for a character reference then you can join the Character Reference Group and follow the Facebook Group rules.

15. Use Google Search with Filter

Everyone uses Google Image search to find high-quality reference images but only a few of them use Google Search filters to find high-resolution images.

With Google image search, you can find anything in seconds such as fruit, character poses, etc.

16. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is several sources of information. It has all the info that you need.

So, if you are looking for High-Resolution weapon references then you must check out Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has all the info about weapons and their parts. If you don’t use Wikipedia for finding references then I must recommend checking Wikipedia right now.



Pixabay is an amazing stock image website with more than 2.2 million photos.

So if you search photos in the search box, you find a lot of references but mostly for a graphic designer not for 3d artists.

So you need to enter targeted search terms for accurate result.

18. Pexels


Pexels is Pixabay alternative.

I use this website to find the reference for the product visualization project. On Pexels or any other stock images website, you will find the high-resolution reference.

What you find:-

Everything that you can found on Pixabay.

19. Unsplash


Unsplash is the source to find a high-quality reference. You can find references, a blueprint, or a drawing.

It’s great for architecture projects. Here you will find amazing interior and exterior design references.

You will also find the texture for the architecture design project.

20. Flickr

Flickr is a very popular image-sharing website. Here you will find inspiration or references for 3d artists.

You can use a filter to sort out the photo by date taken, image size, or color.

21. Anatomy Books

Anatomy books are a great way to understand anatomy.

Anatomy books contain a lot of references images that are valuable for Character Artists, Drawing students, and sculptors.

If you are a beginner or want to study anatomy, you should read these anatomy books.

22. Character Design References

character design

Character Design website is a great website to find high-quality references for character artists.

Here you will find high-quality character drawing references, character reference art.


Last but not least, It’s a premium stock image website, but you can download 15 photos for free.

Now It’s Your Turn

So I share some of the best resources to find high quality 3d modeling reference images.

Which resource do you use most or want to share any great resources that I miss in this post, let me know in the comment section?

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